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Damrel & Associates Limited

Damrel & Associates Limited offers consultancy and advice on Construction (Design and Mangement) Regulations, (CDM) related services for construction projects:

Damrel & Associates Limited as CDM Consultants offer the following services:

For Clients:  
  •       Assist with making suitable arrangements for managing the project
  •       Assist with the preparation of the clients brief
  •       Assist the client with the provision of pre-construction information
  •       Represent the client on CDM matters at design team meetings
  •       Assist the client in ensuring arrangements are made for the handover of the building to new users
  •       Assist the client in the notification of the project to the relevant enforcing authority where appropriate
  •       Assist the client by reviewing the Principal Contractors construction phase plan prior to work commencing
  •       Assist the client by monitoring the Principal Contractors safety management systems and compliance with regards welfare on site.

For Principal Designers:
  •       Meet with the client and explain their duties under CDM
  •       Assist the designer in their duty to identify foreseeable risks
  •       Attend design team meetings and assist designers in their duties under CDM
  •       Assist the designer in planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating the pre-construction phase
  •       Assist designers in the preparation of pre construction health & safety information
  •       Assist the designer with their duties relating to the Health & Safety File during the pre-construction and construction  phase
  •       Attend progress meetings during the construction phase and assist designers with their CDM duties.

Registered in the United Kingdom, company number 6510473.
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